HR Consulting Services

Strategic Approach

XchangeTechs sources the best HR expertise from various disciplines and offers every business easy and fast access to any competencies needed, regardless of the size of the company or the project scope.

We take the time to learn about your business and understand your challenges first and then provide HR consulting services with instant, real-time access to experienced and knowledgeable HR professionals.

Reliable Hiring

Result-oriented Approach

Research of Candidates

Tracking Compliance

Scalable service

Analytics and insights

Reasons to choose HR consulting services from XchangeTechs

Workplace Investigations

Independent, impartial, genuine Investigations of workplace issues giving you a sound basis for confident decision-making to move forward

Performance Management

Develop and build a strong productive workforce through highlighting skill or competency gaps which are required to enhance the talent within the business

Workforce Planning

Build dynamic workforce plans with a proactive approach by anticipating labor needs and deploy the workforce most effectively


Well thought out, organized, evaluated and controlled compensation plans in order to ensure that the desired effects are achieved to succeed in organization's operations

HR Transformations

Tend to concentrate on high values transformation other than administrative framework that brings long-term, successful growth to improve every aspect of the business

Wage & Hour

Ensure that employees are salaried in a legally compliant manner that increases the productivity of the employees and decreases the employer risk