Payroll Solutions

Seamless and Hassle free Solutions

XchangeTechs helps to relieve the arduous and time-consuming task of administering the payroll with its comprehensive payroll service. We understand that every company is unique and take great care in understanding the different payroll processing requirements.

This helps to design highly customized payroll services with a wide range of features that match your needs to perfection. The client's payroll can vary in size from 3 to an unlimited amount of employees.

Attendance Monitoring and Reporting

Pay Calculations and Pay Registers

Individual Pay Slips Management

Annual Statements & Form 16 Computations

Payroll Grievance Management

Exit and Final Settlement Management


Our bespoke payroll solutions manage your monthly and annual payroll and guarantee to save you time, increase accuracy and cut costs. Our managed payroll services team will take full responsibility for your end-to-end payroll processes like full reporting, send pay slips and ensure that everyone is paid correctly and on-time. XchangeTechs is committed to providing a cost-effective, secure and compliant payroll service that meets your business requirements so your employees can focus their efforts on your core business.

  • Focus on Core business strategies
  • Arrest Irregularities and Improve Accuracy
  • Expert and Up to date Information
  • Data Management and Analysis
  • Easy to make Decisions
  • Effective and efficient Process